Vermont Insurance Commissioner

Vermont Insurance Commissioner is the head of the DFR VT located at 89 Main Street, Drawer 20, Montpelier, VT 05620-3101, the main phone number is 802-828-3301 but you can also use the following phone numbers:

Insurance Commissioner: (802) 828-3301
Deputy Commissioner of Insurance: (802) 828-3301
Deputy Commissioner of Banking: (802) 828-3301

DFR VT: Main Number: 802-828-3301
Toll Free Number: 833-337-4685

Public Information Phone Number: 802-828-4872
Consumer Inquiries (Toll-Free): 802-828-3302 or 800-964-1784
Insurance Company Licensing: 802-828-2470
Insurance Producer Licensing: 802-828-3303

Licensing Supervisor: (802) 828-5923
C.E. Coordinator: (800) 786-3926
Director of Market Regulation: (802) 828-2910

Vermont Insurance Commissioner Fax Number: (802) 828-3306

What is Vermont Insurance Commissioner Phone Number?

Vermont Insurance Commissioner phone number for the office of the director of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation is 802-828-3301

Vermont Insurance Commissioner Website

How to contact the Vermont Insurance Commissioner?

You can contact the Vermont Insurance Commissioner iether by calling the main phone number 802-828-3301 or using the following contact us page:

Vermont Insurance Commissioner Address

This is Vermont Insurance Commissioner best address for sending official mail or used as a physical address to visit the offices of the director of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation:

Vermont Insurance Commissioner – Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
89 Main Street, Drawer 20
Vermont 05620-3101

Who is electing the Vermont Insurance Commissioner?

Like most insurance commissioners, Vermont Insurance Commissioner is appointed by the governor of the state of Vermont (A few insurance commissioners, in some states, are elected, at the same time the governor does.)

What is Vermont Insurance Commissioner email address?

Vermont Insurance Commissioner email address to write to the director of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation is [email protected].

What are the roles of Vermont Insurance Commissioner?
The Vermont Insurance Commissioner main roles are to:

1) Maintain surveillance over the insurance market.
2) maintain fair pricing for insurance products and services.
3) Protecting the solvency of insurance companies,
4) Preventing unfair practices by insurance companies
5) Ensuring availability of insurance coverage.
6) Promote and encourage sound and prudent insurance management.
7) To do such other things as may be prescribed by this act or any other written law.

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